We take the provenance of our produce extremely seriously and have full traceability for all of our meat and fish. While it is a sad reality that terms like free-range and sustainable have been overused, and in many places are quite simply not true, we believe that factory farming is torture and will never sell these items in our restaurants.

Our butcher’s consistently receives a wide array of awards including ‘Butcher’s Shop of the Year 2015’ for the South (which includes London), so we really couldn’t be in better hands. For more information on them and their accolades click here.

Our beef is a Hereford x Aberdeen Angus mixed breed which only ever comes from Stokes Marsh Farm, Wiltshire. It has superior marbling which makes for better burgers and steaks.

All our pork, including bacon, is from Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire, and is always free-range and produced without unnecessary antibiotics. Their farm received Pig Producer of the Year award at the Pig and Poultry Marketing Awards.

Our chicken comes from a selection of farms in the South West, between Devon and Wiltshire. It is a beautiful free-range product and not mass-produced, which is why it comes from a variety of locations. The taste is a world away from the watery product you’ll find elsewhere.

Our Salmon comes from Loch Duart farm in Scotland, which was the first salmon farm to be part of the RSPCA’s Freedom Food Assurance scheme. With their low stocking density and their refusal to use growth promoters or antibiotics it’s no surprise. Find more information about them here.